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Elite Galaxy Online

Welcome Commanders, to Elite Galaxy Online.  Exploration and discovery has been a driving force for humanity throughout our existence.  From Columbus setting sail across the ocean to Armstrong taking those first small steps, we have always strived to explore and understand our place in the universe.  Today is no different as recent advances in frame shift technology have meant that the entire Galaxy is opening up before us.

Our mission here is simple; to explore our Galaxy, document what we find and help to build the largest living record of the Galaxy ever constructed.  Your discoveries can be directly uploaded to our research facilities back on Sol through this site and will instantly be added to the ever growing list of discovered objects from across the Galaxy.

Who knows what you may discover.  The largest Gas Giant known to man, the hottest Star ever recorded, all can be viewed immediately through our Galactic Records portal which is constantly analysing your incoming discoveries searching for exceptional data.

As the first brave Commander to ever record an object here at Elite Galaxy Online, you will have the opportunity to describe your discovery.   Whether it be a new found planet with the possibility for terraforming or a brand new star system previously unknown to science, your words will be immortalised for all time against that object.  You will also receive exploration points for your discovery which we can use to identify the greatest explorers of our generation.

Exciting times lie ahead of us Commanders, so refuel those tanks, carry out those last minute flight checks and head out into the Galaxy.  Fly in the name of Peace and for the benefit of all humanity.  Fly safe Commanders.

Latest Recorded Discoveries

Number of Systems Recorded: 1,843,351
Number of Celestial Bodies Recorded: 6,227,677
Number of Available Orreries: 1,554