Elite Galaxy Online v2.0.1.0

Hey Commanders,

Elite Galaxy Online has now been updated to v2.0.1.0.  This is a minor patch which aims to fix some long standing problems with the Shortest Semi Major Axis record type so that I can move forward with other developments on the Galactic Record Tracking system.

The original problem with the Shortest Semi Major Axis record was that the level of accuracy we used to be able to get from the system map was 0.01AU or around 1,495,979 km.  Anything less than this and the system map would show 0.00AU which meant that this record never really made sense as the record holders always had a value of 0.

With the release of the Orrery, this in itself caused problems as trying to generate an orbit for an object with a zero semi major axis just doesn’t work.  To address this at the time, I added quite a bit of complexity to the site, whereby for these very small semi major axis objects, a value would be calculated in the System Hierarchy Builder using orbital mechanics.  This worked pretty well and allowed me to only include these calculated values in the Shortest Semi Major Axis records.

The new Ship Log Reader and Comms Link have completely changed this though as it is now possible for us to capture the Semi Major Axis of an object down to the nearest meter!

Because of this, I have changed and simplified the Shortest Semi Major Axis records to now work properly based on the data which is coming in via the Ship Log Reader and the Comms Link.  Any manually recorded objects or scanned objects which don’t have this level of precision will still have a value calculated for them when building the Orrery but the main bulk of objects going forward will have their correctly recorded values making this record type meaningful again.



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