Elite Galaxy Online v2.1

Hey Commanders,

After a bit of a nightmare migrating this release, happy to finally say that Elite Galaxy Online v2.1 is now live!

2.1 is intended as a bit of a cleanup and maintenance patch to get the site in the best possible shape for moving forward and as such it contains a number of fixes and improvements as follows.

  • Planetary Materials

In 2.1, I have added the ability for Planetary Materials to be recorded.  These will now be recorded automatically via the Comms Link or Ship Log Reader and I have included them in the standard form used to manually record an object (not that anyone would do that anymore!).

As well as being able to capture more data for it’s own sake, the recording of Planetary Materials has spawned a huge number of new galactic records which have been added to the record tracking system.  We will now finally know which Icy Planet in the Galaxy has the highest Zirconium planetary material content 🙂

  • New Galactic Records

The galactic record tracking system has been expanded to include all of the records related to planetary materials but also new records regarding atmospheric and solid composition.  These increases bring the total number of records being tracked up to a whopping 3,338.  I’m expecting these new record categories to go a bit crazy at first as the first objects that get recorded will break every new record!

The number of record categories has started to get a bit large now for just the one page, so you will see in the Records menu item, these records have now all been split out into the various types. Huge thanks to all the commanders who have been uploading some absolutely stunning images from around our galaxy as I have used a ton of them for all these new record types and they look awesome.

  • New Object Types

I’ve added a new class of White Dwarf to the site which was previously missing and separated out Wolf-Rayet stars into there proper classes so these will be recorded correctly going forward. Fortunately, I was able to go back through any objects recorded so far and put most of them against there correct sub class.

  • New Research Facilities

The Research Facilities were starting to creak a bit as the site has grown so they have been redesigned with the simple philosophy of being able to access data in a particular area.  There is now a research facility for stellar data, gas giant data, planet data, orbital data, ring data, atmosphere data, planet composition data and planetary material composition data – that’s a lot of data!

  • Look and Feel improvements

The site overall has had an extra level of polish for 2.1 which includes upgrades to all site animations (finally updated the scan results animation!) including the main home page.  I’m aware of a few issues here which came up in the migration which I will fix in a point release soon.

  • Comms Link Bug Fix

As part of the 2.1 release, the Comms Link has been updated so make sure you accept the download when launching it which should update it to v1.1.  This update includes the ability for Planetary Materials to be sent into Elite Galaxy Online but also fixes an important bug which Commander Pirin let me know about last night.  Turns out that the Comms Link has not been able to tell when a scan has broken a record at the site and so it has not been letting you know.  This has now been fixed as part of this update so with the new records that have been introduced in 2.1 as well as this fix we should see more records broken than ever before.

This release is small on features perhaps but the changes at the backend are huge which probably explains why so many things went wrong today!  Hopefully though this puts Elite Galaxy Online in a strong position to move forwards now and I can put my efforts into the new features which I want to get added over the coming months.

Fly safe Commanders and as ever thanks for using Elite Galaxy Online.


Commander Wolzan




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