Moderators Needed!

Hey Commanders,

Before the Comms Link and the Ship Log Reader, the only way to record objects at Elite Galaxy Online was to record them manually or using the OCR scanner,  because of this; the data quality in those earlier recordings often left a lot to be desired!

To try and help with this problem, I developed the Community Editing feature which allowed other members of the exploration community to make changes to a Commander’s discoveries and then have them accept or reject the change.  As part of this system, if the change had not been dealt with within 10 days then it was redirected to a moderator to accept or reject it.

I’ve noticed recently that there are a number of changes that have been outstanding for a long time and so the only logical conclusion is that the moderators were abducted by Thargoids 🙂

If there is anyone out there who currently takes an active interest in the site and would fancy being a moderator, please let me know using the contact link at the bottom of every page.  The duty is quite small and will likely completely disappear as we move forward with the Comms Link and Ship Log Reader but it is still of value now!


Commander Wolzan


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