300,000 Discoveries

Hey Commanders,

On the 20th July 3303, Commander Deathinator recorded Blau Aec HG-P b37-0 AB 7, a Class I Gas Giant orbiting around the centre of mass of a Class M and Class T Star over 12,000 light years away from Sol.

With this discovery, new barriers were broken as this marked the 300,000th object to be recorded at Elite Galaxy Online!

Congratulations Commander Deathinator and a huge thanks from me to every Commander who has gone out of their way to make use of the site, whether it’s using the Comms Link, the Ship Log Reader, the Scanner or good old fashioned manual recording.

Also a huge thanks to the new mod team who have been checking the data for discrepancies.

300,000 discoveries is a massive accomplishment and i’m blown away that this little idea I had so long ago has grown into what it is now.

With 300,000 discoveries we are now getting into some fairly large numbers and i’m tracking a bit of a problem with CPU resource back at our research facility on Sol.  You might have noticed that the Ship Log Reader is taking a little while to process your discoveries.  This seems to be happening when we get a bunch of big ship log uploads happening at once as well as the constant stream of discoveries coming in over the Comms Link.

To cope with this, I am working on upgrading the site to sit on a much more powerful server.  I think this is worth doing but it’s gonna up the running costs by quite a bit.  Remember though that I am funding this whole endeavour now with all the ads which are plastered across the site – these pay out when clicked on – if you know what I mean 😉

Thanks again everyone!!



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