Current Performance Issues


Hey Commanders, You may have seen that for the last 8 days or so performance across the site has been pretty terrible!  I have been […]

300,000 Discoveries

Discovery, General

Hey Commanders, On the 20th July 3303, Commander Deathinator recorded Blau Aec HG-P b37-0 AB 7, a Class I Gas Giant orbiting around […]

Moderators Needed!


Hey Commanders, Before the Comms Link and the Ship Log Reader, the only way to record objects at Elite Galaxy Online was to record […]

Elite Galaxy Online v2.1


Hey Commanders, After a bit of a nightmare migrating this release, happy to finally say that Elite Galaxy Online v2.1 is now live! 2.1 […]

Elite Galaxy Online v2.0.1.0


Hey Commanders, Elite Galaxy Online has now been updated to v2.0.1.0.  This is a minor patch which aims to fix some long standing […]

100,000th Object Recorded at Elite Galaxy Online


On the 18th May 3303, Commander EtherealCereal jumped into the Dryio Gree AA-A h54 system and began to chart this previously […]

Minor Patch for Comms Link – v1.0.0.8


Hey Commanders, Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and been trying out the Comms Link application over this past week.  Since it […]

Elite Galaxy Online v2.0 – The Comms Link Now Live


Hi Commanders, I’ve completed upgrading the site and I’m happy to say that v2.0 of Elite Galaxy Online is now live! With […]

50,000th Object Recorded at Elite Galaxy Online


Hey Commanders, I genuinely didn’t expect to be making this post so soon after breaking the 20,000 barrier but with the […]

S.H.E.P.A.R.D Expedition Sets New Limits for Ring Mass


On November 5th 3302, a group of over 30 commanders embarked on the S.H.E.P.A.R.D expedition (Stellar Heliographic Expedition for […]

20,000th Discovery Made at Elite Galaxy Online


Hey Commanders, Thanks to everyone who has been taking the time to try out the new Ship Log Reader. I’ve seen a huge spike in […]

Elite Galaxy Online v1.9


Hey Commanders, After a long time out in the void, I’ve finally been able to push through a new update and v1.9 of Elite Galaxy […]

Discovery Scanner 1.8.12


Hi All, I’ve pushed through a small hotfix tonight taking Elite Galaxy Online to v1.8.12 which is aimed at fixing the discovery […]

Discovery Scanner Broken Again!


Hey Commanders, Ive been seeing a big uptick in the number of bad scans just lately and it does appear as though the scanner is a bit […]

Elite Galaxy Online v1.8.11


Hey Commanders, Another very minor update tonight but required to fix a crash which was causing an issue with the multi scanner queue.

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