Skaudao RO-Z e28 A

Neutron Star

System: SKAUDAO R0-Z E28

Recorded From Scanner
Neutron stars are the stellar remnants of massive stars that have reached the end of their lives. Once nuclear fusion was exhausted, the star collapsed into a tiny volume. Because of its high mass, the matter has collapsed into an extremely high density state made up entirely of neutrons, though with insufficient mass to become a black hole.
First Discovered By: One Zero
Recorded By: One Zero
Date Recorded: 25 September 3301
Distance From Sol: Unknown
This is a Nebula. EDIT: Temperature is not listed for object in screenshot. 1 million K is a much more realistic guess than ZERO, so changing to 1 million K.One Zero

Age:254 Million Years
Solar Mass:2.105469
Solar Radius:0.000011
Mean Density:2.0488867078307e15 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:5,369,896.000000 K
Orbital Period:46.421019 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.137988 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.182025
Orbital Inclination:41.426105 °
Argument of Periapsis95.020081 °
Atmospheric composition data is not available for stars
Planetary composition data is not available for stars
Skaudao RO-Z e28 A has no rings
This object holds no Galactic Records