Iowhail WG-B c14-90 2

Class Y Star

System: Iowhail WG-B c14-90

Manually Recorded
Class Y dwarfs are the coolest of brown dwarfs. Surface temperatures are less than 700 K, and they are effectively very large gas giant planets with some stellar properties.
First Discovered By: R1ZENTyDE
Recorded By: R1ZENTyDE
Date Recorded: 20 October 3302
Distance From Sol: Unknown
This Class Y dwarf is surrounded by a wide ring system and beyond those rings orbits 5 moons, 4 of which are rocky and can be landed on. The fifth moon is the farthest from the star and of course, would be a icy body with an argon-rich atmosphere.R1ZENTyDE

Age:3,370 Million Years
Solar Mass:0.011700
Solar Radius:0.056000
Mean Density:94.032190144069 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:369.000000 K
Orbiting: Iowhail WG-B c14-90

Orbital Period:2,292.800000 Days
Semi Major Axis:3.210000 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.000100
Orbital Inclination:0.060000 °
Argument of Periapsis42.140000 °
Atmospheric composition data is not available for stars
Planetary composition data is not available for stars
Pristine reserves

NameTypeMassSemi Major AxisInner RadiusOuter RadiusRing Width
Iowhail WG-B c14-90 2 A RingMetallic293,550,358,528.0 MT0.00 AU100,402 km140,537 km40,135 km
Iowhail WG-B c14-90 2 B RingRocky10,328,722,112,512.0 MT0.00 AU140,637 km600,000 km459,363 km
This object holds no Galactic Records