Bleia Eohn MW-X c16-3 8

Class III Gas Giant

System: Bleia Eohn MW-X C16-3

Recorded From Scanner
Class III gas giants have primarily hydrogen and helium atmospheres without distinctive cloud layers. Their surface temperature typically ranges between 350 K and 800 K. They are primarily blue in colour because of optical scattering in the atmosphere - with the chance of wispy cloud layers from sulphides and chlorides.
First Discovered By: SHADOW WOLFE
Recorded By: Shadow Wolfe
Date Recorded: 23 January 3304
Distance From Sol: Unknown

Earth Mass:1,477.643200
Radius:75,216.000000 km
Surface Gravity:10.617012 g
Mean Density:4.950739 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:390.000000 K
Orbital Period:375.100000 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.000000 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.002400
Orbital Inclination:9.200000 °
Argument of Periapsis285.080000 °
Rotational Period3.000000 Days
Axial Tilt110.350000 °
Hydrogen72.100000 %
Helium27.900000 %
Planetary composition data is not available for gas giants
Bleia Eohn MW-X c16-3 8 has no rings
This object holds no Galactic Records