HR 6328 7

Water Giant

System: HR 6328

Recorded From Scanner
Water giant. Worlds like this have a large atmosphere made mainly of water vapour. It most likely formed when a large icy body warmed up enough to evaporate a large amount of its surface ice, this would in turn trigger a runaway greenhouse effect leading to a very thick atmosphere made of the evaporated ices.
First Discovered By: BOBILON
Recorded By: jax von may
Date Recorded: 16 October 3301
Distance From Sol: 138.91 ly
Blond, blue-eyed, newly married, happy, similing, trouble-makerjax von may

Earth Mass:37.107265
Radius:19,960.002000 km
Surface Gravity:3.786090 g
Mean Density:6.652860 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:170.018280 K
Orbital Period:761.790509 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.208017 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.007155
Orbital Inclination:-9.538935 °
Argument of Periapsis220.616623 °
Rotational Period1.029862 Days
Axial Tilt27.980000 °
Water98.407501 %
Methane0.529073 %
Ammonia0.529073 %
Planetary composition data is not available for gas giants
Major reserves

NameTypeMassSemi Major AxisInner RadiusOuter RadiusRing Width
HR 6328 7Metallic1,063.7 MT0.00 AU39,205 km116,117 km76,912 km