Pegasi Sector MN-T c3-7 2

Gas giant with water-based life

System: Pegasi Sector MN-T c3-7

Recorded From EDDiscovery
Gas giant with water-based life. This is primarily a hydrogen and helium based atmospheric gas giant, but not far below the surface exists life based in the water-cloud layer just below the atmospheric surface. The chemistry of this gaseous region is far from equilibrium, with a surprising excess of oxygen and many carbon-based compounds giving it some vivid colours. As with many such gaseous living systems, it is underpinned by vast quantities of free-floating radioplankton - tiny carbon-based algae, each retaining small quantity of liquid water, extracting their energy from the intense radiation flux.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Blue Kaito
Date Recorded: 24 September 3303
Distance From Sol: 220.83 ly

Earth Mass:544.158752
Radius:76,573.216000 km
Surface Gravity:3.772463 g
Mean Density:1.727930 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:159.619720 K
Orbital Period:1,952.811111 Days
Semi Major Axis:2.407111 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.006998
Orbital Inclination:-0.011897 °
Argument of Periapsis359.306854 °
Rotational Period0.489386 Days
Axial Tilt-2.228070 °
Hydrogen74.026634 %
Helium25.944412 %
Planetary composition data is not available for gas giants
Pristine reserves

NameTypeMassSemi Major AxisInner RadiusOuter RadiusRing Width
Pegasi Sector MN-T c3-7 2 B RingIcy1,891,400,000,000.0 MT0.00 AU143,540 km284,220 km140,680 km
Pegasi Sector MN-T c3-7 2 A RingRocky184,440,000,000.0 MT0.00 AU121,250 km143,440 km22,190 km
This object holds no Galactic Records