Praea Euq KG-Y d129 9

Class I Gas Giant

System: Praea Euq KG-Y d129

Recorded From EDDiscovery
Class I or Jovian gas giants have primarily hydrogen and helium atmospheres. Colouration comes from clouds in the upper atmosphere of ammonia, water vapour, hydrogen sulphide, phosphine and sulphur. The temperature at the top of their upper cloud layers is typically less than 150 K.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Dani manjon
Date Recorded: 13 March 3304
Distance From Sol: 570.96 ly

Earth Mass:193.054382
Radius:65,213.396000 km
Surface Gravity:1.845267 g
Mean Density:0.992431 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:143.097366 K
Orbital Period:4,714.908519 Days
Semi Major Axis:5.641675 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.006087
Orbital Inclination:0.134005 °
Argument of Periapsis346.410431 °
Rotational Period0.581665 Days
Axial Tilt2.784825 °
Hydrogen73.694664 %
Helium26.305342 %
Planetary composition data is not available for gas giants
Praea Euq KG-Y d129 9 has no rings
This object holds no Galactic Records