Bya Euhm X-U d2-90 A

MS Class Star

System: BYA EUHM QX-U D2-90

Recorded From Scanner
MS class stars are late sequence stars having progressed from the M class stage of their life cycle and heading towards becoming a carbon star, a star nearing the end of its stellar life.
First Discovered By: Yelodel Dalecal
Recorded By: AguStellar
Date Recorded: 20 October 3301
Distance From Sol: Unknown
MS class starAguStellar

Age:5,106 Million Years
Solar Mass:1.386700
Solar Radius:34.097000
Mean Density:0.000049372915989819 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:3,533.000000 K
Orbital Period:131,174.100000 Days
Semi Major Axis:5.850000 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.083400
Orbital Inclination:30.780000 °
Argument of Periapsis357.950000 °
Atmospheric composition data is not available for stars
Planetary composition data is not available for stars
Bya Euhm X-U d2-90 A has no rings
This object holds no Galactic Records