Wregoe RX-S b46-1 ABC 1

Icy planet

System: Wregoe RX-S b46-1

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Ice world composed mainly of water ice. Worlds like this will not have much heating in the past, forming in the cooler regions of a star system and have retained many volatiles as solids within their crust.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Kefir
Date Recorded: 17 July 3303
Distance From Sol: 643.75 ly

Earth Mass:3.494084
Radius:11,192.215000 km
Surface Gravity:1.133847 g
Mean Density:3.553173 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:54.094807 K
Volcanism Type:Water Geysers
Atmosphere Type:Helium
Surface Pressure:0.663532 Atmospheres
Terraform Status:None
Orbital Period:819.612778 Days
Semi Major Axis:1.301263 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.001426
Orbital Inclination:-0.120883 °
Argument of Periapsis310.331360 °
Rotational Period1.379227 Days
Axial Tilt-0.207262 °
Hydrogen8.427828 %
Helium89.334976 %
Neon2.237205 %
The composition of this body has not been measured
Wregoe RX-S b46-1 ABC 1 has no rings
Planetary Material Composition Unknown
This object holds no Galactic Records