HR 6328 1

High metal content planet

System: HR 6328

Recorded From Ship Log
High metal content world with a metallic core. Worlds like this can have metallic ores near the surface in places, especially around areas of past volcanism.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Mouadib
Date Recorded: 22 June 3303
Distance From Sol: 138.91 ly

Earth Mass:17.687685
Radius:13,133.843000 km
Surface Gravity:4.168123 g
Mean Density:11.130809 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:9,953.591797 K
Volcanism Type:Silicate Vapour Geysers
Atmosphere Type:Silicate Vapour
Surface Pressure:12984395.270190 Atmospheres
Terraform Status:None
Orbital Period:1.046014 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.022979 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.000001
Orbital Inclination:0.000001 °
Argument of Periapsis296.832306 °
Rotational Period1.055366 Days
Tidally Locked
Silicates98.521873 %
Iron1.476138 %
The composition of this body has not been measured
HR 6328 1 has no rings
Planetary Material Composition Unknown
This object holds no Galactic Records