Pyraea Thua PY-H c23-0 2 c

Icy planet

System: Pyraea Thua PY-H c23-0

Recorded From EDDiscovery
Ice world composed mainly of water ice. Worlds like this will not have much heating in the past, forming in the cooler regions of a star system and have retained many volatiles as solids within their crust.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Rogue Roxy
Date Recorded: 8 November 3304
Distance From Sol: 60,263.86 ly

Earth Mass:0.000434
Radius:669.271813 km
Surface Gravity:0.039386 g
Mean Density:2.064017 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:121.524551 K
Volcanism Type:Carbon Dioxide Geysers
Atmosphere Type:No Atmosphere
Terraform Status:None
Orbital Period:3.085257 Days
Semi Major Axis:341,277.472 km
Orbital Eccentricity:0.002087
Orbital Inclination:-0.286875 °
Argument of Periapsis48.921021 °
Rotational Period3.085339 Days
Axial Tilt-0.059803 °
Tidally Locked
Pyraea Thua PY-H c23-0 2 c has no atmosphere
Ice82.481800 %
Rock15.924800 %
Metal1.593400 %
Pyraea Thua PY-H c23-0 2 c has no rings
Antimony0.740782 %
Carbon22.717625 %
Germanium3.502941 %
Iron12.268736 %
Manganese5.066862 %
Molybdenum0.801141 %
Nickel9.279557 %
Sulphur27.015961 %
Tin0.727993 %
Zinc3.334183 %
This object holds no Galactic Records