Synuefai HL-E 28-3 C C5 a

Icy planet

System: Synuefai HL-E C28-3

Recorded From Scanner
Ice world composed mainly of water ice. Worlds like this will not have much heating in the past, forming in the cooler regions of a star system and have retained many volatiles as solids within their crust.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Nyx Kordel
Date Recorded: 1 January 3302
Distance From Sol: Unknown
The first moon of Synuefai HL-E 28-3 C C5. A cold ball of ice.Nyx Kordel

Earth Mass:0.000300
Radius:561.000000 km
Surface Gravity:0.038748 g
Mean Density:2.422500 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:46.000000 K
Volcanism Type:No Volcanism
Atmosphere Type:No Atmosphere
Terraform Status:None
Orbital Period:9.700000 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.010000 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.000300
Orbital Inclination:0.320000 °
Argument of Periapsis305.090000 °
Rotational Period9.700000 Days
Axial Tilt-10.720000 °
Synuefai HL-E 28-3 C C5 a has no atmosphere
Ice82.500000 %
Rock15.900000 %
Metal1.600000 %
Synuefai HL-E 28-3 C C5 a has no rings
Planetary Material Composition Unknown
This object holds no Galactic Records