Graea Eoq VU-B b18-0 A 4

High metal content planet

System: Graea Eoq VU-B b18-0

Recorded From EDDiscovery
High metal content world with a metallic core. Worlds like this can have metallic ores near the surface in places, especially around areas of past volcanism.
First Discovered By: Unknown
Recorded By: Malax Zandr-Solomon
Date Recorded: 12 October 3303
Distance From Sol: 9,769.43 ly

Earth Mass:0.034251
Radius:2,163.281250 km
Surface Gravity:0.297509 g
Mean Density:4.823536 g/cm³
Surface Temperature:87.027344 K
Volcanism Type:No Volcanism
Atmosphere Type:Argon
Surface Pressure:0.014391 Atmospheres
Terraform Status:None
Orbital Period:305.583148 Days
Semi Major Axis:0.535010 AU
Orbital Eccentricity:0.000051
Orbital Inclination:0.000432 °
Argument of Periapsis115.697090 °
Rotational Period1.697640 Days
Axial Tilt-0.140516 °
Argon100.000000 %
The composition of this body has not been measured
Graea Eoq VU-B b18-0 A 4 has no rings
Planetary Material Composition Unknown
Galactic Record Value Number of Other Objects Sharing this Record
High metal content planet with the Highest Argon Atmospheric Content100.000000 %2352